Studio.1 | Nadia Alma Josefina El Said /NADIA&ALMA

NADIA&ALMA consists of Nadia Alma Josefina El Said (DK/FI/EG) who has a background in film and animation. In this constellation she works with projects in a hybrid field between visual art, writing/visual poetry, animation, Instagram art and more. The work is best described as conceptual, playfull investigations. Themes often evolve around the flux of identity in terms of language, diaspora, gender, biology/nature and technology. The fluidity of these identities are manifested in a variation of aesthetics, genres and techniques. Each project has its own visuality and form. Focus is on alternative and undefined art-spaces. She also works with other artists in different cooperative shapes. Works can be underway for years. Some are never finished, but will always be in a state of ‘in progress’. Work has been printed, exhibited, showed in filmfestivals and floated on the web. 

NADIA&ALMA is of Egyptian/Finnish origin. Born in Denmark 1977. Educated as Director Of Animation from the The Danish National Filmschool. Mostly based in Copenhagen area and various natural landscapes.


A study of landscapes, geography & ‘nature’ as places for remembrance, identity, longing and fear. I use the geographies of my background as a starting point. Northeastern Africa and Scandinavia. Landscapes I have experienced since childhood, and which are connected to memories and emotions. The project moves from the personal to the political, social and existential. Themes such as the nature of humans beings and our relationship to nature or biological surroundings, climate change and more. Always with emotions and the sensory apparatus as the key to the investigations. Outcome will manifest in video, sound, installation, objects, posters and other media. Parts of the project is made in cooperation with sound artist Ola Saad (EG).