Studio.4 | Moza Almatrooshi

Through the employment of fiction, I continue to frame bread as an object under questioning; subverting its hearty and warm familiarity with its ability to shapeshift into a divisive / binding outcome. In questioning its components that are formed from contamination, which yields sustenance and nourishment, I aim to study the gestures of bakery workers that rely on bread as their bread&butter. Their movements in creating it, selling it, exchanging currency for it will be central to driving the narrative forward.

Moza Almatrooshi is based between The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, where she recently obtained an MFA degree from Slade School of Fine Art. Almatrooshi’s practice picks at tension points that exist between language and translation, guest versus host power struggles, and ways in which food and magical realism can exist as necessary forms of censorship. Contained in a geopolitical frame, the work often explores systems that rely on homogenisation of religious and historical identities, by ways of engaging in erasure. How can pockets of silent resistance be contaminated / ferment? The answer is sought in cooking, story-telling, and summoning higher powers, and pours over into various channels such as text, lens-based media, and performance. Recent work has been shown in Sharjah, London, and Amman.