Contact & Contribute

As a non-profit organisation, Townhouse relies on donations, grants, in-kind contributions and sponsorship to implement our programmes and projects.

The Townhouse Fund provides vital support that enables Townhouse to carry out its core mission: to make the arts accessible to all groups of society, while using them as a powerful medium for integration and understanding.

Donations to the Townhouse Fund help us to:

- Organize and promote exhibitions

- Provide unique learning opportunities for people of all ages through access to art

- Bring art to new audiences through community activities

- Offer residencies for international and local artists

- Run workshops and community projects

Your contribution - no matter how small - will help us to continue our ongoing work and remain one of the leading independent arts institutions in the country. Please click on the PayPal button below for a fast, easy way to contribute any amount. Thank you for your support!

Townhouse is legally registered as a non-profit foundation in Sweden, as Stiftelsen the Townhouse Foundation (registered number 1022006).

The Stiftelsen the Townhouse Foundation was established in 2006 as a practical way to safeguard Townhouse’s future operations and activities.