Each year, several international artists hold residences at Townhouse, working in studios on the gallery premises and pursuing independent projects in the city. The gallery and its neighborhood have proven to be rich material for visiting artists, who often lead workshops during their stay.In 2009, Townhouse launched the Rooftop Studios, a local residency program for Egyptian artists in need of affordable workspaces.

The gallery is currently expanding its residency opportunities to curators and writers with the aim of providing opportunities for interdisciplinary practices to emerge and be independently sustained. In line with this strategy, Townhouse is a partner in the Accented Residency initiative, which facilitates the mobility of artists, curators and writers between arts institutions in the UK, North Africa, the Gulf, the Mediterranean and South Eastern Europe as well as the Reso residency network, initiated by a number of foundations in the Piedmont region of Italy.To apply for a residency at Townhouse or to find out more information, email Dina Kafafi with your portfolio, CV, and letter of intent