Sign here | امْضي هُنا

Sign here | امْضي هُنا

“We read human actions as signs that point to meanings and feelings
We follow signposts that direct us to where we want to go
We search for signs that predict an event in our future
We respect a sign that forbids us to do a certain thing
We ignore signs we don’t want to see
We react to signals
We make signs
We signalize

A sign can be the action or the entity that points to the meaning, the presence or the occurrence of something else.
By making sense of signs we shape our own reality.
How can I play with the idea of being between what is being pointed to and what is being understood?”

||Performance by: Georgia Begbie||
||Composition: Peter Hinz||

Townhouse is pleased to invite you to an open studio event featuring artist Georgia Begbie. The event will start by the artist showing a part of the performance she has been working on during her one-month residency at the Townhouse where she started researching how the physical body can express signs, distort space and interpret its own signs, followed by a talk with the artist about her project and her work process over some Ramadan drinks and bites.

The open studio sessions are a series of informal meetings that take place at the Townhouse studios. The sessions invite the public to one of our studios where artists in residency discuss their research process and showcase their work to the public.

About the artist:
Georgia Begbie is a recent graduate of the Fontys School of Arts in Tilburg (Netherlands), where she studied Dance Arts in Context from 2014 to 2018, spending her final year working as an intern dancer with Dutch-based choreographers such as Marina Mascarell, Guilherme Miotto and The100Hands.

In August 2018, Georgia moved to Germany where she joined the “La_Trottier Dance Collective” and worked with Canadian choreographer Eric Trottier on their most recent production 1,618033, which premiered in “EinTanzHaus” in Mannheim on November. Currently, she is focusing on creating and developing her own work, which has included this residency at Townhouse for the past month, allowing her to research and explore first ideas for a future performance project.

for more information, kindly visit the event page.