THE LIGHT HOUSE PROJECT | Call for participants

THE LIGHT HOUSE PROJECT | Call for participants

In 2012, the writer Lancelot Hamelin was working on a report on Obama’s presidential (campaign) elections in New Orleans for the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles ; for his article, he asked people about their dreams and nightmares. Thrilled by the experience, he decided to keep investigating—this time with the 2017 French presidential elections in mind. Since 2014, Lancelot has been working with communities in French cities such as Nanterre (Parisian suburbs), Paris, Lyon, Valence, and also in Calais with refugees living in shelters and shacks, collecting their dreams, and in 2016, in Rome where he was a fellow (guest artist) at the Villa Médicis, French Academy in Rome. For this ongoing venture, the book Dreaming under the 3rd Reich by Charlotte Berardt has been a source of inspiration, and Lancelot gave the name The Light House Project to his initiative in reference and as an homage to Charlotte Berardt. Many of the dreams so far have touched upon themes that respond to our current times in uncanny and poetic ways.
The Light House Project is also a collaboration with the actor and director Duncan Evennou. They decided to create a network of people where every dreamer shares his or her dream across languages and national borders. The project is similar to traditions of storytelling: sharing myths, fears, and joys together.

4 DAYS WORKSHOP with actor and director Duncan Evennou, Writer Lancelot Hamelin and Designer Benoit Verjat.

Participants are introduced to a series of sessions where they will be given the opportunity to create an archive of dreams in the city of Cairo. Working from interviews conducted by the group, the aim is to go through the different steps of creation ( Investigate, write, edit, digitalize and perform) in a radiophonic and publishing set. They will thus be able to get familiar with new methods of inquiry and new modes of interpretation with unusual tools.

- Morning presentation (3 hours) Method of enquiry
- Interviews and transcription (9 hours)
- Data Analysis, digital tools and writing (5 hours)
- Radio and acting (10 hours)
- Final presentation (5 hours)

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chosen participants will be contacted through emails by the end of this call.

*This workshop is In collaboration with the French Institute