Creative Narratives | OPEN CALL

Townhouse Gallery is pleased to announce the launching of the ‘Creative

Narratives’ programme, seeking to support creative hubs, cultural institutions and

artists in Egypt.

This new program will provide guidance and financial support to its awardees for the

duration of one year. Projects funded under this program should take place within

three to twelve-month period of the award announcement in mid-July. Projects

proposed in response to this Open Call may be in any art form or be cross-disciplinary

or interdisciplinary.

Creative Narrative’s seeks cultural and media productions that have a large reach and

impact, are geared towards artistic, independent and socially conscious work. Artists,

designers, filmmakers, cultural institutions, vloggers and techies, all diverse in their

identities, mediums, content, channels and audiences, are welcome to apply.

There are two programme tracks available, one for institutions, art spaces and

creative hubs and another for independent artists and culture producer’s projects.

Each track will award 4 to 6 grants. Institutions and organizations shall receive

technical and financial support of up to 20,000EUR. Independent artists and culture

producers shall receive mentorship, a space to exhibit their final results and financial

support of up to 5,000 EUR for production of work.

Eligibility Criteria

A. The organization or institution must be currently active, for at least two years,

in the Egyptian cultural sector.

B. This call is only for Egyptians or resident of Egypt for at least three years.

C. Organizations and Individuals that working on one or more of the following


- Design (Graphic Design, Fashion Design)

- Drawing (Comics, Cartoons, Animation)

- Writing (Poetry, Slam poetry, Spoken Word)

- Sound (Storytelling, Music, Rap, Hiphop, DJ-ing)

- Film (Short Film, Feature Film, Documentary)

- Visual Art (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Digital Art, Video Art, Sculpture,

Performance, Mixed Media Installations)

- Technology (Virtual Reality, Videogame)

- Cultural Media Initiatives (Offline, Online)

D. Individuals or a group of individuals can apply for the institution grant if they

have a fiscal partner.


Creative Narratives Open Call English

Creative Narratives Open Call Arabic