To Dwell : a conversation with Ahmed Zaazaa

We are pleased to invite you to a conversation with architect and researcher Ahmed Zaazaa, as part of « do-it bil 3arabi » exhibition at Townhouse, an exhibition where artists’ instructions prevail, where the people fulfill and re-interpret these instructions as they please

Where the Palestinian artist Hazem Harb asks us to reinstate the heritage of historic Arab architecture (Roots, 2015), Ahmed Zaazaa instead demands we turn our attention to the ever-evolving here-and-now of Cairo’s informal housing (To Dwell, 2017)

To Dwell was realized by the following group of architects and artists, Omar El Meleegy, Omar El Tawansy, Yasmine El Meleegy, Mazen Moussa Eissa, Shatha El Deghaidy, Nada Baraka and Osama Mohamed El Sayed

The talk will be held in Arabic, next Saturday 7pm at Townhouse Factory

This Cairo iteration of “do it bil 3arabi” has been co-ordinated and curated by the Townhouse staff

The “do it bil 3arabi ” publication contains written instructions from over 70 artists from the region that anyone can interpret to make a new work of art

Ahmed Zaazaa is an architect, participatory planner and urban researcher and has over seven years of experience in urban mapping and participatory planning. Ahmed is also co‐founder of Madd Platform, an independent entity that is composed of researchers and practitioners of architecture and urbanism whose activities have been focused on the public domain through projects, investigations and voluntary work in research facilities and universities, as well as 10tooba: applied research on the built environment.