Wednesday March 26, 8 pm
Townhouse Rooftop studios
7 Nubar street, Mounira, 11th floor

Join us next Wednesday for your second dose of the OPTIC HYGIENE screening program and a savory Indian WAGBA on the Rooftop Studios terrace.

OPTIC HYGIENE is a one-night, lens-cleansing dose of pivotal films and videos culled from the annals of art history that supplements Townhouse’s curatorial program.

OPTIC HYGIENE II will honor the memory of internationally renowned Egyptian director, screenwriter and costume and set designer Shadi Abdel Salam by showing two of his documentative works, rarely screened in Cairo.

Afaq ‘Horizons’ (1972, 38m55s)

Afaq shows the different aspects of the cultural activity in Egypt. The film highlights activities by the Egyptian ministry of culture and reconstructs reality in a way that makes the film noticeably different from this reality despite the fact that it is based on real details.

Goyoush Al Shams (1975, 38m33s) Arabic with English subs

The title of the documentary “Armies of the sun” is the name of the Egyptian armies in the ancient civilization which was Abdel Salem’s main fascination and interest. It was produced in 1976 and it focuses only on the soldiers, their memories form 1967 to 1973 from veterans and injured as well as former prisoners of war.

Born in Alexandria in 1930, and initially trained as an architect under Ramsis Wassef, Shadi Abdel Salam went on to design the sets and costumes of some of the most famous historical Egyptian films among which are; Wa Islamah and El-Nasser Salah El-Din as well as the Polish production, The Pharaoh, before pursuing his career as a director.

The film screening is free, while we ask for a LE30 donation for the WAGBA. All proceeds raised from the meal will go into our microgranting fund for art production.