12/04 - 14/04/2020 [Exhibition]

SAWA 'Pizza Art' exhibition and sale

SAWA has the pleasure of inviting you to 'Pizza Art;’ a one-off exhibition of SAWA artworks held from 12-14th April in the Townhouse Factory space. 'Pizza Art' is a unique exhibition of works produced by local upcoming artists during an intensive workshop led by the acclaimed painter Ibrahim El T... المزيد

12/04 - 10/05/2020 [ورشة عمل]


على مدار خمسة أسابيع، نظمت ورش سوا للفنون البصرية ورشة عمل "فوتوفيليا" تناول فيها الفنان نبيل سامي أساسيات التلاعب بالصور الفوتوغرافية "Photo manipulation”. ناقشت الورشة مفهوم التلاعب بالصور و أساسيات الإضاءة التي تتعلق بتقنيات الصورة، بالإضافة إلى مقدمة إلى برنامج تحرير الصور "أدوب فوتوشوب". المزيد

01/03 - 29/03/2021 [Workshop]

Pizza Art

SAWA workshops for Visual arts is organizing a painting workshop “Pizza Art” in cooperation with the artist Ibrahim El Tanbouly. The Workshop aims at promoting creative self expression and exploring potential within the participants. The Participants are expected to acquire skills as analyzing de... المزيد

04/01 - 01/02/2021

Your Old Book

“Your old book” workshop startes in January 2014 and continues for five weeks. The idea behind the workshop is based on the reproduction of old books which are considered the memory of their readers. An old book carries values from its writer and from its reader, drawing in the book add another v... المزيد

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