• Twenty Eight Nights and a Poem
  • Twenty Eight Nights and a Poem
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10/10/2020 [Screening ]

Twenty Eight Nights and a Poem

Akram Zaatari 
2015 / 144min / Arabic with English subtitles
The Townhouse library is pleased to invite you to the screening of the documentary “28 nights and a poem” by Akram Zaatari.
Partly a study of a photographer’s studio practice in the mid-twentieth century and partly an exploration of the essence of archives today, the film tries to understand how this mode of producing images functioned in the lives of the communities it served, how it ceased to exist and what it led to. It is set between the Arab Image Foundation, where most of Hashem el Madani’s collection is preserved today, and Studio Shahrazad in Saida, where the photographer still spends time surrounded by his old machines, tools, photographs, negatives, and what remains of millions of transactions that took place there. 
Please note that this is a private screening. For invitations, please RSVP at the following link:

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