Rites of Passage | Yasmine El Meleegy

Yasmine El Meleegy’s current project starts with a moment of retrieval: the repair of a doll gifted to her mother from her father on their wedding day. The doll signified more than a marital bond, it was an extension of El Meleegy’s mother, an intimate fixture in her household, and the centerpiece of her carefully preserved display of sentimental objects and knick-knacks. Obsessed with the task of continuously repairing, remaking, and restoring household objects as a mechanism for mending familial relationships, El Meleegy delves into the myriad connotations of reconstruction

This exhibition explores questions surrounding fixability. Any restoration process faces a doublethink; it may either stage a regressive return to a past functionality, or proceed with a progressive imagination of an ulterior future

In turning her attention to the public sphere, El Meleegy seeks to understand the inner workings of renovation efforts in the context of architecture, monuments, and public space. In her research on the Europa sculpture in Alexandria, El Meleegy observed that renovation initiatives in Egypt are more often remakes than restorations, an indication of an unconscious or conscious alteration of the past to fit present social and aesthetic mores

The notion of alteration provides the impetus behind her video work, wherein she uses tools such as photoshop to reconstruct domestic images excavated from her past

El Meleegy’s first solo exhibition is a garden of materiality; cement, brick, wax, porcelain, prints, and painting containing objects in the process of renovation. Inflected by memory and preoccupied with fixability, “Rites of Passage” displays an intimate cycle of excavation, restoration, and creation

This exhibition is supported by Mophradat