Mohamed Elshahed in conversation with Ahmed Shawky Hassan

Mohamed Elshahed in conversation with Ahmed Shawky Hassan

We are pleased to invite you to an interactive discussion featuring curator of the British museum’s modern Egypt project Mohamed Elshahed in conversation with Ahmed Shawky Hassan around his current exhibition entitled “An Object Resembling an Artwork,” with input and participation from the audience. The event will take place next Monday the 18th of December, 7pm at the Townhouse Library.

Ahmed Shawky’s current solo show “An Object Resembling an Artwork” – currently on view at Townhouse - is an exhibition that challenges the very space it occupies, the institution (both literally and figuratively), the immediate environment, and the established customs and conventions of exhibitions. Inspired by predicaments he encountered at a government museum in Cairo, Shawky forces the viewer to choose one of two approaches to artwork: to conceive of a work of art in formalized, sterile isolation or in contextualized, situational conjunction. Inevitably, Shawky’s inflected presentation begs for a consideration of the latter; a reading of an object compounded in meaning by its relationship to the happenstance environment.

Please note that the talk will be held in Arabic.

Ahmed Shawky Hassan is an artist and writer, born in 1989 in Ismailia, Egypt. Hassan holds a BA from the Faculty of Art Education at Cairo’s Helwan University, 2011. He currently lives in Cairo, Egypt where he works as an independent artist, while also the co-director of research group MHWLN.

Trained as an architect, Elshahed’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on the history of modernism in Egypt through architecture, images, and objects. As the Modern Egypt Project curator, he is responsible for building a new collection of material culture from the past century in Egypt.