“Traveling narratives”

Le Cube - Independent Art room

Traveling narratives” is a regional art and research program that aims to encourage interactions between cultural actors in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania and Libya. Through cycles of residencies, exhibitions, screenings, meetings, workshops and conferences, this project aims to cross and connect the micro-stories of North Africa in order to deploy endogenous stories of these territories and to imagine collectively new social and cultural utopias from these alternative narratives.

“Traveling narratives” is supported by AFAC - The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the Goethe-Institut Rabat and the Ministry of Culture of Morocco, and realized in collaboration with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Les Ateliers Sauvages in Algier, WaraQ art foundation in Tripoli and the Diadie Tabara Camara Cultural Space in Nouakchott.

Le Cube – independent art room is as a space of exhibition, residence and research that is centered on contemporary artistic practices. Its approach revolves around projects that raise social, cultural and political questions, and proposals that question History and narratives.

The Residence for 2018/2019:
Marianne Fahmy

Marianne (b.1992) visual artist, based in Alexandria, Egypt. She works with video and installation. Her focus is on power structure in society and their impact on people, texts, architecture and language. She’s also concerned with the writing of history and undocumented historical narratives, where she finds material for creative additions. By crossing different fields of study, she creates an alternative narrative, which opens up questions and possibilities. In her current work she creates larger than life images that transforms conventional representation of collectivities.

Hanane El Farissi

Hanane El Farissi is a multidisciplinary artist. She is born in 1990, in Skhirate, Morocco. She lives and works between Brussels and Rabat. She graduated in 2013 from l’Institut National des Beaux Arts of Tetouan, and of l’Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Visuels La Cambre at Brussels in 2017. The artist works on thematic related to memory and the construction of the individual, by placing the body, body-image, and the object at the heart of her practice.

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