Ad(a/o)pting Congestion | Talk by architect Samir El Kordy

Talk by architect: Samir El Kordy
Collected objects from collective forms

Join us next Saturday at Townhouse Factory for a talk in English and Arabic by architect Samir El Kordy, as part of Amgad Naguib’s current exhibition “The past is always an invented land”
Avoiding complexity and fear of congestion seem to be the dominating modes of immanent cynicism or naïve critical takes toward the mixed-use building block in Cairo.
The inevitable transformations from purely mono-function residential building into a conglomeration of stacked autonomous multi-functions/activities are allowing incredibly singular peculiarities, generating different flows of energies/densities, supporting intensive forms of communication, undermining the privacy of the residents, and providing a very unique self-organization architectural model: The Egyptian collective form, the most discredited emblem of modernization, ironically with almost total absence of pre-determination from the intellectuals, the developers, the politicians, the bureaucrats and the architects.
– The Egyptian collective form could be a threat.
The Egyptian collective form could be an opportunity.-
The Egyptian collective form could be a tourist trap.-