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    Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

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    Saturday - Wednesday, 12 pm - 6 pm

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Townhouse 15 Years
22/01/2015 [Presentation]

Cairo Contemporary Hack Map

Cairo’s inhabitants are hacking their houses, motorcycles, trash, etc. The Cairo Contemporary Hack Map is an attempt to document and name Egypt’s culture of hacking. read more

21/01/2015 [Library talk ]

Townhouse Salon with Jehan Bseiso [4]

The January Salon will be led by Palestinian poet Jehan Bseiso, whose poetry engages with themes of memory, identity, and resistance. Bseiso will perform a selection of her work, then devoting the conversation to the role of the artist as witness and the use of memory and language in poetry. read more

17/01 - 18/01/2015 [DRL]

MENA. Online. Literature. Today.

MENA. Onlline. Literature. Today. is designed to illustrate the current state of publishing through a series of presentations, discussions and workshops by active members of the field. read more

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